Meet Monica

I am your average modern working woman. I’ve spent over a decade successfully growing my career in various business functions with large corporations as well as small startups in Silicon Valley.

I was born and raised in the Bay Area, California but recently moved with my husband and our three small children to Boise, ID, where we now enjoy a slower-paced life. 

Like all modern working moms, I have struggled with the pressures of “having it all” and feelings of obligation to “Lean In”. I’m passionate about bringing an alternative message to Corporate America that it’s okay to “Lean OUT” and live the life we choose to live, not the one we feel obligated to live.

Most bloggers represent a certain niche. I represent those who, like me, belong to a hodgepodge of classifications:

  • I’m happily married AND fiercely independent
  • I’m an involved, loving mom AND a kickass, professional business woman
  • I’m a modern, open-minded Gen-Y-er AND a bit of an old fashioned Conservative
  • I’m a loud, confident go-getter AND a reserved introvert

I will bring my whole self to our conversations and I look forward to sharing my collection of opinions and perspectives with you. But mostly, I want to hear from you and learn from our community of readers! Join the conversation!