Ballad of a “Tired” Career Woman

  • I’m tired of being told by billionaire COO’s to “Lean In” and to “have it all”
  • I’m tired of pretending I want to climb the corporate ladder as high as I possibly can, no matter what the cost
  • I’m tired of reading “empowering” self-help books that tell me how I can achieve my greatest possible potential, making me feel guilty if I choose not to
  • I’m tired of worrying what others will think of me because I choose to Lean OUT
  • I’m tired of feeling like I’m wasting my talents if I don’t Lean IN
  • I’m tired of wearing high heels because other women encourage me to “dress for success” and “fake it til you make it”
  • I’m tired of being viewed as not caring about my career because I care more about being a good mom and wife
  • I’m tired of being afraid to tell my boss I’ll be in late next Thursday because I’m volunteering in my son’s first-grade-class for two hours
  • I’m tired of sending my daughter to daycare with a miserable cough and a snotty nose because I have a meeting at the office I can’t miss or reschedule
  • I’m tired of feeling like a subpar employee when I’m at work, and a subpar mom when I’m at the PTA meetings, because I literally can’t devote 100% to either version of “me”
  • I’m tired of ads on my social media giving me “10 tips for shattering the glass ceiling”
  • I’m tired of logging back on to my work laptop after the kids are finally asleep, when all I want is 30 minutes to myself
  • I’m tired of men who have stay-at-home wives so never have to worry about what’s for dinner or how their child will get to soccer practice or when the laundry is gonna get done…
  • I’m tired of articles about organic and gluten-free… Chicken McNuggets save me every Tuesday night
  • I’m tired of feeling tired, because I know how fortunate I am and how beautiful my life is
  • I’m tired of Leaning IN

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