Leaning OUT on the Weekends

It’s 5:45 on a Saturday morning. It’s still dark outside and most of the world will be sleeping in for a couple more hours. But in our house, there is no such thing as “sleeping in” because the three little humans in our home barely know their left from right, let alone what day of the week it is.

But as my husband and I drag ourselves out of our warm, cozy bed to go tend to a toddler screaming from her crib and two boys running around the living room, instead of griping that we have to be up before the sun on a Saturday, we’re full of joy and gratitude. I can’t throw my slippers on fast enough because these are my most favorite few hours of the week.

The next hour is a blur of making (and chugging) coffee, feeding the pets, starting a load of laundry, emptying the dishwasher, making three different versions of peanut butter toast, and going potty and changing diapers.

But among all the chaos there are equal amounts of peace and beauty. As I grind the coffee, I gaze out the window that looks over the treetops and as the sun starts rising, I notice the richness of the shade of green on the redwood trees; a color you can only find in nature.

As I wipe my daughter’s jelly-covered face, she softly lays her little hand on mine. The warmth and gentleness of this one little hand are enough to drown out the screams of joy as her brothers race their Star Wars fighters down the hallway.

This is Saturday morning at the Pierce house – and even as I live them, I know these will be the most treasured moments of my entire life.

The rest of our weekend doesn’t look much different than these beautiful mornings it starts off with. There’s usually a birthday party here or a family outing there, but we generally find ourselves lingering around our home, often still in our pj’s well into the afternoon.

As much as I cherish these moments together at our home, I often feel like we “should” be getting out and doing more. In our amazing community, there is no shortage of family-friendly events every weekend. Ice Cream Socials, seasonal festivals, local sporting events, extra curricular activities for the kids… Not to mention a plethora of beautiful beaches, state parks and tourist attractions: all things we absolutely love to enjoy whenever we venture out of the house.

But many times, these events and activities fall under that pesky #3 category (things that other people think are important or one should want to do). And I realize there are five good reasons why all I want to do on the weekends is hunker down and stay home:

1. Quality Alone Time with My Kids and Husband – One hour in the mornings, two hours in the evenings. That’s all I get with my babies on the weekdays. And I’m lucky because that’s a lot more than most working parents get. But those hours are crammed with cooking, eating, getting dressed or undressed, brushing teeth, homework battles, bath time and bedtime. On the weekends, things slow down (a tiny bit) and I get to actually talk with my kids. I learn about who they are and who they’re becoming.

In addition to my kids, I can’t get enough of my husband who (as corny as it sounds) sincerely is my best friend. After 12 years of living together, I have yet to reach the point where I’m tired of being around this guy. There is nothing I love more than playing baseball with him and our kiddos in the backyard or watching him dig a hole as he builds a new fence – always working his butt off to make our lives better.

And yes there are amazing benefits to spending time together out of the house, exploring new places and socializing with other people (which, don’t worry, we do plenty of). But there’s nothing quite like those intimate moments we spend together at home; playing, exploring, learning, screaming, crying, apologizing, laughing, and loving each other – just the five of us.

2. Peace and Quiet (sort of…) – My weekdays are full of meetings, phone calls, squabbles with vendors and debates with coworkers as we make important business decisions. And as an 8th grade science teacher, you can imagine how tiring my husband’s weeks are. So when we’re finally home and in the “quiet” of our own little family, it’s no surprise that we’re not eager to venture back into the world to be around other people.

3. One Week’s Worth of Chores Crammed into Two Days – With two working parents and every minute at home during the weekdays spent on quality time with the family, that means we have a lot to get done on the weekends. Four loads of laundry, bills, cleaning, groceries, house projects, school supplies and other shopping… If we instead decide to venture out of the house, it’ll often mean a lot of “catch up chores” during the following week.

4. I Love Our Home – We pay a pretty penny each month against our California-sized mortgage. We’ve invested even more money, time and love into making our house a home. Warm and familiar, being in my home feels like cozying into an extension of myself. I’m gonna enjoy this place every chance I get.

5. Sweatpants – Need I say more?

So if you’re looking for me on the weekends, you’ll most likely find me at home. And if you knock on the door at 4pm, don’t be surprised if I answer in my pj’s.

Comment below! Are you a homebody on the weekends? What are some of your reasons? Or maybe you love to be out and about? We want to hear your thoughts!

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